Ohio's transportation infrastructure and significance

"Ohio has the fourth-highest number of total interstate miles despite a landmass that ranks only 35th."

About the NFL’s most significant coach and innovator.

"Both (Paul) Brown and (Branch) Rickey were born in Ohio. Unlike Rickey, whose achievements were spread between his time in Ohio, Missouri and New York, Brown’s coaching, management and ownership career was entirely within the state of Ohio —from Massillon to Ohio State to Cleveland to Cincinnati."

Producer of American Presidents

"With eight Ohioans serving, the state can stake at least some claim to 17% of the nation’s chief executives. With seven out of those eight being Republicans (the first, Harrison, was a member of the Whig Party). Ohio can claim a whopping 38% of the country’s Republican Presidents."

Ohio Gave America

  • Innovations that modernized
    our world
  • Flight, thanks to the Wright Brothers
  • Electric lighting
  • Professional baseball
  • The NFL
  • More U.S. Presidents than
    any other state.
  • Rock & Roll



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Sunset near Perrysburg, Ohio

America Writ Small

If you have products made by General Electric, thank Thomas A. Edison of Milan, Ohio. Like Football? Tip your hat to the Canton Bulldogs, Akron Pros, Cleveland Tigers, Columbus Panhandles, and Dayton Triangles. Ohio was not only the birthplace of the National Football League, it was the home state of nearly half of the league’s original teams. You say you’re more of a baseball fan? Then surely you know that the first Major League Team was the Cincinnati Reds. First known as the Red Stockings, the team got its start in the queen city in 1869. But if you’re more of a Yankees fan, then thank the late Cleveland native, George Steinbrenner. Or not. From sports to a century’s worth of entertainment superstars to aviation and space exploration, Ohio’s best have been America’s greatest. The same goes for the business world. The country’s largest tire company (Akron’s Goodyear) and largest consumer products company (Cincinnati’s Procter & Gamble) are based in Ohio. It grows, processes and builds on a level that far outpaces the size of its population or expanse of its borders.

In The United States of Ohio, David Rohr has put together a compelling collection of stories of remarkable Ohioans and events that could have only transpired because of Ohio. The book will appeal to students of history, sports enthusiasts, music lovers, those with an interest in aviation and aerospace and virtually anyone with a desire to know more about the emergence of the United States since the earliest days of its founding. This book will be available in early 2019 from Ohio State University Press.